The domestic interior is a reflection of the inhabitant and, similarly, jewelry is an exterior manifestation of this intimate portrayal. In the series of work, Put On The Lights, I focus on the formal and symbolic language of light fixtures.  

As objects of literal and metaphorical revelation light fixtures illuminate space, exposing secrets and history. The fixture reflects the character who resides there—pinpointing the moment in which that object was chosen. A sense of time, place, taste and state of mind are illustrated through form, material, technique, and color.

The pieces exist in an unbalanced place between the actual scale of light fixtures and that of jewelry, creating tension between the pieces and the body and provoking an experience that I associate with the physical reaction to a clichéd, tacky or dated domestic space.

My work consistently challenges the body, moving beyond the preciousness associated with jewelry and focusing on its efficacious and revelatory potential.